On the first page of this website the chassis assembly parts may be seen. Three stamped parts are assembled to make the chassis. They are called the chassis, the gear, and the cup. These are the parts that were designed by Tom and ordered from a fabricator – 1000 of each.


 These three parts are swaged together, which clamps the cup against the chassis, holding the gear loosely between them. 


When the stamping is complete, a chassis assembly is the result.


Tom Assembling a Counter


Counters – five or six digit – are purchased from a Veeder-Root supplier. Delrin gears, designed by Tom, are specially fabricated by a local waterjet-cutting firm near Tom’s home. The delrin gear is a press-fit onto the counter shaft.

Pressing the Delrin Gear onto the Counter Shaft


Final assembly consists of aligning a counter/gear assembly onto a chassis assembly and fastening with screws and locknuts.


Each finished JR counter is packaged for shipping with a set of mounting instructions, a length of 14ga wire, and a pair of washers. We currently have hundreds of units packaged ahead of time, ready for labeling and postage.

Units Ready to be Shipped


When the PayPal order is confirmed, the mailing label is printed using PayPal’s software. The software also prints the proper postage onto the label, and sends money to US Postal Service. Typical domestic priority mail shipments can be simply dropped off at any postbox enroute to work. Express mail, and international orders require a trip to the post office during working hours. 

Fabrication takes place in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia


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