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Also see chassis replacement kit below

In 1977 Pete Riegel designed and had manufactured an order of race pace computers. They sold at a modest rate – enough to barely break even. At one point he quit selling them because the advertising was costing more than the profit. The units sold for $2.50 each. You can read about the development of the computer at the URL below:




Here is a picture of the computer. It’s basically a special-purpose circular slide rule.



Say you want a shot at a three hour marathon. How fast should you be running a 10k?


A marathon, 26.219 miles, run in 180 minutes, requires a pace of 6.865 minutes per mile, or 6:52 minutes per mile.


Setting the “distance” arrow at “M” (for marathon) will show a performance factor of 712 opposite the 6:52 pace.


Now, setting the “distance” arrow at 10 km will show a pace of 6:11 (6.18) minutes per mile opposite the 712 performance factor. Since 10 km is 6.214 miles this pace will yield a finish time of 38.40 or 38:24.


The computer works over a range of 1 mile to 26.2 miles. Is it geeky? Absolutely. Does it work? Yes.


The computer may be ordered from Jonescounter.com until the stock runs out. Price is $4.00 per unit, postpaid. Any quantity may be ordered if ordered for shipping with a Jones Counter. For computer sales only, a minimum order of 10 units is required.





If your bicycle has disc brakes, a right-hand version is available, 5-digit only, for $180. This unit has been personally ridden over 600 miles on terrain ranging from the baby-heads in the Appalachians, Slickrock in Utah, to the ashy slopes of Mt. St. Helens, and is suitably robust for trail-measuring. The JR-5R uses a mirror-image of same chassis as the standard left-side unit, which allows it to be installed on the right-side of the hub. It can be damaged if foreign objects get caught in the gears, so be careful when riding over branches and logs (that throw up bark and twigs etc.), and keep it out of the briars by all means. Also, watch the top-speed, if you’re going over 17 mph on the down-hills, you’re not measuring, you’re having fun.



If the tang broke on your counter for any reason, there is a good possibility it can be fixed quickly at low cost. Included in the kit ($23 plus postage) are instructions on replacing the chassis, and the nuts & bolts you need to fix it. The replacement shown below is for a standard left-side chassis, but a right-side replacement is also available. 



Chassis Replacement


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