If I understand correctly, this photo was taken last year.

Thanks for passing it on.

It made my day.

Daves's photo is the "gold standard".

Obviously happy people, out on the job.

6 people out enjoying a measurement.

All it takes is one counter.



I would be greatful for pictures of the people we serve, happy in their work.  

As an incentive I am offering existing customers a $10 discount if you will provide me an endorsement.

Or, if you just want to say "thanks".


Please provide any / all of the following:
Your name & the names of others in the measuring group (if any).

The year the photo was taken.

The city, country, and the name of the race being measured.

If it's something like the "Boston Marathon", people will get that you are in Massachusetts. Seminars count too.

If you are proud of measuring a course, you should be. I don't care if it's a fundraising 5k or a world-class event. Send me a picture of yourself, your group, or just your bicycle (with JR of course) in front of a local landmark or wherever you happen to be.

Show off to the world. Show me you're having fun. 





If you would like your site to appear here, let Tom Riegel know. If your subject matter deals with road course measurement we will be happy to list it.



Measurement Manuals -Measurement for certification in the US follows the procedures set forth in “Course Measurement Procedures,” the official USA Track & Field manual. This manual can be downloaded from the site www.rrtc.net

The RRTC web page also contains a wealth of information covering other aspects of course measurement.


The IAAF manual is also available. It can be downloaded from:   www.iaaf.org


Both manuals use the same procedures.


Measurement Video - A short video was created by Tom McBrayer. It may be seen by clicking the following URL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpiXdYsslas


Course Measurement Bulletin Board -  This bulletin board covers all aspects of course measurement. You can read all sorts of question and answers, and post your own comments. It’s lively and informative. It is accessed at:    http://measure.infopop.cc/eve/ubb.x


Historical Measurement Material   






UK Course Measurement - Primarily UK certified courses and measurers. Also has items for all measurers, e.g. an introductory lesson on measurement, experiments on measurement accuracy & GPS performance, measurement history and the London Olympic Marathon measurement.   http://coursemeasurement.org.uk/


Germany Course Measurement www.leichtathletik.de/service/wettkampforganisation/vermessung-von-strassenlaeufen/





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