Here are the Jonescounter.com staff, experiencing inspiration from ancient culture. Tom, on left, is the designer and fabricator, who lives and works as a Civil Engineer in Virginia. Pete, on right, is the shipping clerk, who lives in Ohio and is a retired Mechanical Engineer. Stock is shipped from Virginia to Ohio when Tom makes a visit. Both Tom and Pete are experienced course measurers.

The first counter, produced on March 28, 2008 is shown above. Note that the numbers can be read from left to right for easy reading, unlike previous models which had the numbers rotated 90 degrees.

The Jones Counter is used with a bicycle to measure road race courses.  The method is used worldwide.

Above are the chassis parts in various stages of assembly



                                 Above are overall views of the counter.


The counter consists of a gear assembly, fashioned of galvanized steel, to which a counter is attached. A delrin gear is attached to the counter shaft. The counter records the revolutions made as the wheel rotates. It is fastened to the front wheel of the bicycle, on the left side, and may be read by the rider while riding.

To distinguish this Jones Counter from previous models, sold by others, we will refer to the new version as “Jones Counter model JR”


Details of the method of course measurement may be obtained on the “Reference Material” page. Also on this page you can find a measurement video.


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