Going out of business sale!




I realize that once published on the net it cannot be taken back. The history of the Jonescounter has been brought low, and for that I must apologize. My apologies to the many who I have offended. It was not my finest hour.  I was wrong in my assumption that the JR, being "branded" with the Jonescounter name was protected by trademarks. I had relied on tradition for this protection, and no laws are broken by selling another Jones Counter. 


It has been my greatest pleasure to provide these counters over the last 9 years or so, however I have little time to devote to the endeavor.

It is probable the void will be quickly filled, and another supplier will soon be entering the market in the US and worldwide.


Recent hacking activity has corrupted the old contact e-mail, and the computer used to compose this website. We are working to resolve these issues.


Please be patient. 


You may contact us at jonescounter@gmail.com




Tom Riegel



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